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Wireless High Pressure Car Washer

Wireless High Pressure Car Washer

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Our Multi-Functional High-Pressure Cleaner: The Ultimate Solution for Versatile Cleaning Needs.

☑️Waterproof and Electrically Isolated: Crafted from special waterproof materials, our high-pressure cleaner ensures water and electricity isolation, providing a safer cleaning environment.

☑️Adjustable Water Types: With three adjustable water types, our high-pressure cleaner allows to customize the water pressure according to all specific cleaning needs. From gentle watering to powerful cleaning, achieve optimal results effortlessly.

☑️Temperature Protection and Automatic Shutdown: Safety is our priority. Our high-pressure cleaner features a temperature protection function that automatically shuts down in case of over-temperature or overload. 

☑️High Water Absorption Capacity: Our high-pressure cleaner, designed for large water absorption. Cleans more effectively and covers a wider area with each use, saving time and effort.

☑️Premium Extension Accessories: Equipped with a variety of high-quality extension accessories, our cleaner ensures convenient and thorough cleaning. Reaches every nook and cranny effortlessly, leaving no spot untouched.

☑️Versatile Cleaning: From car washing and garden watering to agricultural irrigation and daily cleaning, our high-pressure cleaner is the versatile cleaning companion. That tackles a wide range of tasks with one powerful tool, making the cleaning routines effortless.

☑️Easy Installation: It offers a hassle-free installation with our quick plug-in interfaces. No complicated setup – needs to be plugged in and ready to go. 



Our Wireless High Pressure Car Washer, designed to make cleaning tasks efficient, convenient, and safe. This innovative cleaning solution offers a range of features that cater to diverse needs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free cleaning experience. 

Experience the ultimate in freedom and power with our Wireless High Pressure Car Washer. This portable and wireless device allows you to clean your car without the hassle of cables or power outlets. With its powerful water jet, you'll effortlessly remove dirt, mud and dust from every corner of your vehicle. Ideal for cars, bikes, garden furniture and more. The long battery life and ergonomic design make cleaning easier and faster than ever. Make cleaning more efficient and enjoy a sparkling clean car with the Wireless High Pressure Car Washer.

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