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EasyWash - Pressure Cleaner for Every Garden Hose

EasyWash - Pressure Cleaner for Every Garden Hose

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When used in conjunction with a conventional garden hose, the EasyWash generates remarkable pressure comparable to the most powerful pressure washers available, ensuring your garden or driveway looks as good as new.

What's more, it is able to effectively clean second story windows from the safety of the ground.

Unlike competitor products that are tied to specific hoses, our device is universal and can be seamlessly connected to any conventional garden hose.

The EasyWash offers a convenient and effortless solution for removing dirt, grime and dust and promises an effortless cleaning experience.

✅ 100 times more powerful than conventional garden hoses
✅ Removes moss, deposits and dirt in no time at all
✅ Fits all existing garden hoses
✅ Save money on expensive high-pressure cleaners



With the EasyWash you can transform your ordinary garden hose into a powerful jet of water. It is the ultimate cleaning companion for dirty sidewalks, dirty wooden fences, moldy brick walls, dirty cars and many other surfaces that need a thorough clean.


The EasyWash can be rotated 360 degrees to spray water, allowing you to set different spraying methods. Meet your different needs. This gives you more control and freedom to clean the way you want.

Designed for everyday use, the EasyWash has an adjustable pressure control mechanism that allows effortless adjustment for optimal pressure on any surface.


If you opt for this pressure washer, you can say goodbye to expensive car washes and the use of professional cleaning services. With the EasyWash, you can complete all your cleaning tasks from the comfort of your own home and achieve professional results. Its robust construction makes it a worthwhile and long-lasting investment.

Whether you need a gentle stream of water to irrigate your garden or a high pressure jet to clean cars and hard surfaces, EasyWash has you covered.

Our products undergo extensive quality checks to ensure outstanding performance. With our pressure washers, you'll enjoy superior power, durability and performance.

How to use 

By turning the nozzle you can adjust the water pressure and spray of 3 different types of water, so you can adjust the water pressure very conveniently when washing your car. The water pressure can be adjusted so that washing is a breeze.

  1. Unscrew the coupling on your normal garden hose.
  2. Connect the hose connection to the EasyWash.
  3. Tighten the hose connection.

They are designed to meet most of your everyday needs.

  • If your water hose has a connector, you can connect our water jet directly to it.
  • If your hose has a quick connector, screw our black connector accessory onto our power jet and push it into your quick connector. It is easy to pull off and push on.

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