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Automatic Feeding Tray

Automatic Feeding Tray

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Why this is #1 essential for every pet owner:

This automatic feeder ensures that your furry friend is fed on time every day, even when you are away. Thanks to the built-in camera and speaker, you can talk to him via your smartphone and see him wherever you are. This way you always stay connected, even when you're not at home.

☑️ Suitable for any dog or cat

☑️ Easy to install

☑️ A healthy feeding schedule for your pet


With the automatic feeder, you can easily manage your pet's feeding schedule!

This handy automatic feeder is a convenient automatic feeder for your pet. With this automatic feeder, food is automatically dispensed according to a time set by you. This convenient automatic food dispenser offers convenience, contole and prevents overfeeding.

Personal attention with voice recording function

Bring a personal touch to every meal with the  feeder's built-in voice recording feature. Record a message that plays when it's time to eat. Let your voice convey the joy of feeding even when you are not physically present. This will make every meal a special experience for your pet.

Automatic feeding: up to 15 meals a day

This convenient automatic feeder offers convenience and time savings to pet owners. This is because the automatic feeder ensures that your pet's food is distributed in the feeder on a scheduled and correct amount of food. Easily create your own feeding plan; always a measured amount of kibble per meal!

It is possible to use up to 15 meals per day. Give your pet the attention it deserves even when you are not there.

Built-in camera

With the automatic feeder, you'll never have to wonder how your pet is doing while you're away. With the built-in camera of this automatic feeder dispenser, you will always have visual contact with your pet no matter where you are. The Pet Feeder's built-in camera also features night vision.

Less refilling: 6 Liter capacity

The automatic feeder is a true space wonder! With its huge 6-liter capacity, you won't have to keep adding feed. That means your pet will always have enough to eat, even if you're out for the day. Simple and convenient!

Notice! When you long-press the button once, you reset the automatic feeder. When you double click, it is possible to add food manually.

Equipped with anti-slip pads

The device is equipped with 4 non-slip pads, so it stays in place and does not move. Let your pet enjoy his/her meal undisturbed!

Anti-clogging system

The Pet Feeder is equipped with a very large passage and a powerful motor, which will ensure that the feeder will not clog up easily.


Product Information

  • Number of Meals: 15 per day
  • Capacity: 6L
  • Color: White/Black


  • Type of Food: Dry food
  • Power Type: Battery | Mains

Dimensions & Weight

  • Product Length: 18.9cm
  • Product Width: 17.5cm
  • Product Height: 28.7cm
  • Product Weight: 1.75kg
  • Packaging Width: 22.8cm
  • Packaging Height: 19.6cm
  • Packaging Length: 27.2cm
  • Packaging Weight: 1.8kg

Additional Product Information

Packaging Contents:
1x Automatic Feeder Tray
1x Manual
1x Moisture Bags
1x Removable Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl
1x Adapter

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